Guru Hari Ji

Guru Hari was raised by a Nepalese Father and Indian Mother in a cross cultural context near Rishikesh. His birthplace is between the Indian States Uttrakhand and Banbasa near the border of India and Nepal. From a young age he was drawn to a spiritual life from his mother Tara Devi, a Bhakti Yoga Guru and devotee of Lord Shiva. From an early age Hari rejoiced in and sung Mantra. He fast every Monday in honor of Mahadeva (Shiva) and performed other forms of Yoga with eagerness. Ready to set out from home at an early age of 11 years, he attended high school at Vishwavidyalaya virndavan mathura in Gurukul, near Brindavan Matura.

According to the ancient text, of the Mahabarata, this is Lord Krishna’s birthplace. At age 16 after high school graduation he surrendered himself to his guru Ji “Tiger Baba” in Pashupatinath, Katghmandu, Nepal. There he was initiated by “Tiger Baba” into the Nath family and pursued to live in a cave for 3 years. During this time Hari focused on spiritual learning and served many Gurus who came into his life and influenced and molded his thinking and lifestyle (Anadi Baba, Anupnath Yogi, Silent Baba, and world renowned Dudhari Baba). Time came to get foot loose and leave his humble abode and travel throughout India, Nepal, Austria, Netherlands, Italy, Germany, as a wandering ascetic. Realizing the need for the ancient scientific and spiritual system of Yoga in this modern day he founded the international yoga fellowship in 2012 and established “Hapi Hari Yoga Shala” in 2013 - Dharmshala set amidst the Himalayas, and Gokarna a peaceful beach town.

Presently “Shree Hari Yoga” teaches a traditional Hatha Yoga combined with classical knowledge, experiential understanding and wisdom, as well as a modern outlook. This style of Yoga teaching by “Shree Hari Yoga” is essentially a Nath Lineage tradition whch has been passed down through initiations by masters such as Goraknath and Patanjali Maharishi since the 9th Century. Guru Hari is also a Chef of Ayurvedic Food which is known in Yogi terminology, as Sattvic Food.

Andi Baba Ji

babaji born in madhay pradesh state of middle india did his education in university then joined life of a monk at very early age since then he is in himalayas, now he took occasional lecture and singing sections in yoga programmes. Baba leaves in upper himalayas since 20 years .he keep deep knowldge in vedanta and yoga . it is our rare chance to listen lectures from a person really live a yogi life. his kirtan sections ( holy singings) are really a unforgettable expereince as he plays tabla and sing divine mantras with a classical touch students enjoy it always.

above all baba lived many years as a spiritual seeker with maharishi mahesh yogi in himalayas and he is very much expert in basic aspects of transcendal meditation baba learned sanscrit ,chanting of mantras and vedic rituals from maharishi mahesh yogi ashram since 15 years he mostly lives in upper mountains near dharmashala and uttarkashi.mostly in natural caves in open forests indulging in yoga practices babas sections include vedanta philosphy ,mantra chantings ,holy kirtans , and a five day transcendal meditaiton programmes

Anup Nath Ji

Anup Nath Ji is Balayogi which means he took the path of renunciation and yogi life since childhood. He is a close friend of Guru Hari and together they did sadhana (spiritual practice) in the Himalayas in Nepal. After 10 years of separation they met again in Dharamshala and then he started to teach with Guru Hari in Gokarna and Dharamshala.

Sunil Pandit Ji

Pundit Ji is a Hindu priest who teaches mantra classes at Shree Hari School and performs all the pujas (ceremonies) for the school. Pundit Ji is of a Brahman family who all practice music and chanting. Pundit Ji studied Sanskrit from a young age and continued his passion into Sanskrit university.

Alon Katamozo Uzan

Alon Katamozo Uzan teaches Hatha Flow Yoga and Ashtanga Vinyasa classes at Shree Hari Yoga School. During growin up he practiced gymnastics and started his spiritual practice through meditation and mantras at the age of 20. Alon traveled around India and got exposed to Asanas and the full Yoga Path. From the first practice he fell in love with Yoga and felt and understood the connection between Asanas and a spirtual practice. So he started studying the history and philosophy of Yoga, Asanas, Mantrad and Meditation.

Alon has much passion for teaching and giving knowlege to anyone who wishes to learn, study and practice with him. He teaches Yoga around the world and teaches his classes in English as well as in Hebrew.

Kiera Blaney

Kiera, from Australia, teaches Traditional Hatha Yoga and Ayurveda at the Shree Hari Yoga School. Kiera also teaches a free beginner yoga class for the local female Indians of the village, Bhagsu, Dharamshala. Kiera began her spiritual journey with the Mayans in Guatemala where she deeply studied meditation and yoga at Las Piramides Del Ka in Lake Atilan. After many years of self practice and studying natural therapies she travelled to ancient India to study Ayurveda in the Himalayas with her Guru who originated from an old lineage of Ayurvedic doctors. Kiera completed her Ayurvedic Therapist Training in 2015 and now works and gives advice on nutrition, massage, treatments and how to find balance in daily life through adding simple Ayurvedic diet and lifestyle changes.

Kiera is focused on living a balanced and healthy life. If she isn’t at the yoga school teaching and practicing you will find her with her hula hoops dancing in the mountains. Kiera speaks English and Spanish and can help with translations for students.

Yani Kramer

Yani is traveling and working in Asia, feeling deeply connected with the yogic and ancient Indian philosophy. At Shree Hari Yoga School, she teaches Hatha Yoga with Tantric Vinyasa and doing Graphic Design work.

Yani grew up in Amsterdam, interested in human connections, she studied Psychology. She saw the link with Marketing and Advertising and worked several years in the commercial industry, where her creativity started to blossom.

Meanwhile she got more into spirituality, with yoga, meditation and living a conscious and healthy lifestyle. So she decided to quit her job in advertising to connect more and live a balanced life.

In Pai, Thailand the connection got stronger. With the teachings of Bhud at Xhale Yoga and learning and experiencing Reiki & Shambhala with Satu Energy Nomad. A whole new world opened up.

Back in the Netherlands she further deepened her Yoga practice at Thrive Yoga and combined it with her creativity by doing the Graphic Design for several conscious clients.

Her spiritual journey evolved in India with the Yoga & Tantrika Yoga 200hr Teacher Training Course at Satya Loka in Rishikesh, several courses and practicing with Hari at Shree Hari Yoga School in Dharamshala.

Now Yani is traveling and working in Asia, enjoying the miracles of life as Graphic Designer & Creative, Yoga Teacher, Reiki & Shambhala Energetics practitioner and spreading love & joy in workshops and other ways. :)

Her Hatha Yoga with Tantric Vinyasa classes at Shree Hari Yoga are a combination of Yin and Yang, moving with energetic awareness, combining asanas with pranayama and meditation.

Certified Yoga Trainers, Power Yoga, Traditional Yoga, Pre/Post-Natal Yoga in Gokarna, Goa, Dharamsala

Upcoming Yoga Teacher Trainings

19th Jun 2017 300 Hour TTC Dharamsala
3rd Jul 2017 200 Hour TTC Dharamshala
31st Jul 2017 200 Hour TTC Dharamsala
28th Aug 2017 200 Hour TTC Dharamsala

Yoga Teacher Training In India

Daily Yoga Classes Dharamshala

9-10:30 AM Traditional Hatha Yoga
10:45- 12 PM Yoga for Beginners
4-5:30 PM Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow
6-7:30 PM Hatha Yoga with Tantric Vinyasa

(Monday, Tuesday, Thursday)

Daily Yoga Classes Gokarna

7:30-9 AM Traditional Hatha Yoga
9:15- 10:45 AM Traditional Hatha Yoga
11-12 PM Yoga for Beginners
4-5:30 PM Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow


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