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The 300 hours Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Course is registered with Yoga Alliance USA which runs under the supervision of our course director Shree Hari Ji. He applies his solid experience and knowledge to the 300 and 500 hours Teacher Training Course in order to deepen the Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga practice combining it with alignment techniques from the Iyengar style and therapeutic benefits of Yoga.

300 hour yoga teacher training in Shree Hari Yoga School, which include explanations of detail of asana and its therapeutic effect on human anatomy and physiology. Yoga school in India, which teaches an Ashram lifestyle, which is healthy for happy living and release of stress and how to cure disease with yoga. Yoga classes of 300 hours YTTC includes different styles of yoga like Sivananda, power, flow, vinyasa, raja yoga and yoga therapy.

Outline of Syllabus

Module - 1 : Concept and meaning of yoga therapy, History of yoga therapy Characteristics of yoga therapy, Principles and basis of yoga therapy Integrated approach of yoga therapy .

Module - 2 : Concept of health and disease and Mechanism of disease according to yoga, Development and reversal of disease according to soul, mind, body approach.

Module - 3 : Physiology of stress and how stress leads to psychosomatic ailments. Stress management through yoga.

Module - 4 : Soul, mind and body approach and its use in understanding development of disease and reversal of disease.

Module - 5 : Yoga for common psycho- somatic ailment like back pain, Yoga for Sciatica Yoga for Diabetes, high blood pressure, Asthma, yoga for IBS, constipation and many other diseases, yoga in pregnancy, prenatal yoga and post-natal yoga.

Module - 6 : Concept and meaning of Multi-style yoga, rope yoga, chair yoga for treatment Physiological basis of dynamic and static forms of yoga Power Yoga, Flow yoga, Hatha vinyasa, Sivananda yoga,Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga, Restorative yoga, Iyengar Yoga, Vinyasa flow yoga, Pranayama, Meditation, Teaching methodology.

Module - 7 : Teaching Methodology and principles of teaching, teaching practice.

Module - 8 : Ayurveda- basic knowledge of Ayurveda which can help in healthy living, how to use Ayurveda according to dosha and to diagnose and cure, use of Ayurveda for sequencing and practice of yoga of one own kind.


This course is for you if:

300-hour yoga teachers certification is open for anyone who is interested in learning the ancient science of health and spirituality after finishing 200hour yoga teacher training course at any yoga school. It is available for all of those who have some past experience with yoga although your eligibility will be accessed after you send us your application form. After going through it, we will e-mail you and you can proceed to book your spot by deposit of 200 USD. After payment your seat will be confirmed.

Conduct Yin & Yang Yoga styles:

This certified Yoga Teacher Training Course in Dharamshala and Gokarna near Goa, India is suitable for intermediate and advanced yoga students. It will make you an expert in designing customised yoga classes, courses and retreats in various styles (Yin & Yang), as well as yoga therapy programs.

RYT 500

The course allows you to become Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher 500 (RYT 500), if you have already finished 200 hours Yoga TTC (with Shree Hari Yoga, or any other registered school in Yoga Alliance), and if you have at least 100 hours of teaching practicum (please contact us if you need to collect teaching hours, we are able to offer you assistance in our school!)


Our 300 hours Yoga TTC is a 4-week residential unique program combining the theory of 5 ELEMENTS, AYURVEDA, YIN&YANG and YOGA THERAPY (each week is dedicated to one element, morning Yoga teacher training course India067classes are Yang – dynamic, evening – Yin, smooth), according to both Yoga & Ayurveda, and Chinese Traditional Medicine (TCM).


Our speciality at Shree Hari Yoga School in India is that it includes different styles of yoga like: Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Hatha, Iyengar, Yin Yoga, and yoga therapy. All this will help you create your own personal individual yoga style class when you become a registered yoga teacher.

Styles of Teachings

We offer: asana classes inspired by 5-elemental yoga in Yang styles (Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Power) and Yin styles (Hatha, Yin, Restorative, gentle flow, zen flow), so that you can experience different energies, different benefits, and take your practice yoga ttc 300 Shree Hari yoga and teaching to the next level

Evening Activities

These include: Meditation, Japa Meditation, spiritual documentaries, Kirtans and Satsangs


Shree Hari Yoga School will award the Yoga Diploma, which is internationally recognized by Yoga Alliance USA and International Yoga Federation. The course is also certified by Indian Yoga Alliance for 200 hours, 300hours and 500 hours Yoga Teacher Training. After successful completion of yoga teacher certification, anyone can register with Yoga Alliance USA and school will approve every request.

Evaluation & Certification- To get a Diploma at the 300-hour yoga instructor course, a student needs to attend 4 weeks duration course which includes eight yoga modules. If a student is has already completed any of the modules, we will examine the students proficiency and a waver is given in that module. Assessments will be based on written assignments as well as practical evaluations and student conduct will be a part of the assessment criteria.

Yoga Classes and Meditation retreats are held by Shree Hari Yoga School in Gokarna, Dharamsala, near Goa, India registered with Yoga Alliance.

Yoga Training Schedule

09:00 - 10:00 (6 Days a Week) BREAKFAST
10:00-11:15 (6 Days a Week) YOGA PHILOSOPHY
11:30-12:30 (6 Days a Week) ANATOMY
12:30-14:45(6 Days a Week) LUNCH HOUR
14:45-15:45 (6 Days a Week) THE ARTOF TEACHING METHODOLOGY
17:30-18:30(6 Days a Week) EVENING MEDITATION AND ARATI

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Upcoming Yoga Teacher Trainings

19th Jun 2017 300 Hour TTC Dharamsala
3rd Jul 2017 200 Hour TTC Dharamshala
31st Jul 2017 200 Hour TTC Dharamsala
28th Aug 2017 200 Hour TTC Dharamsala

Yoga Teacher Training In India

Daily Yoga Classes Dharamshala

9-10:30 AM Traditional Hatha Yoga
10:45- 12 PM Yoga for Beginners
4-5:30 PM Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow
6-7:30 PM Hatha Yoga with Tantric Vinyasa

(Monday, Tuesday, Thursday)

Daily Yoga Classes Gokarna

7:30-9 AM Traditional Hatha Yoga
9:15- 10:45 AM Traditional Hatha Yoga
11-12 PM Yoga for Beginners
4-5:30 PM Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow


“Hari is a wonderful teacher! He is one of those people, who are born to be teachers and he is doing his work with lots of love and with a great talent...Read More

Orya, Israel

“Hari my best yoga teacher ever tought me to discover myself and inspired me to find my path. His individual teaching with patience and love and his desire sharing yoga knowledge with all his students...Read More

Hilde Omulec, Austria

“I've been practicing yoga with Hari for a month and a half every morning and it is great! My body feels stronger and flexible. Hari is a great teacher, is attentive to each student and is genuinely happy when we succeed...Read More

Yael Wanderer, Israel

“I first met Hari in beautiful Gokarna and then saw him again in Bhagsu and went to his class every day without fail. Hari is one of the best yoga teachers I have ever had and I'm really looking forward to going...Read More

Polly Butler, England

“I met Shree Hari in Gokarna in April 2015. I took his class often while staying on the beach for two weeks. We even shared a meal together, as he is a wealth of interesting stories and his story of becoming a yogi is not only fascinating, but helpful to my yoga journey as well...Read More

Katie Martynowicz, America

“i had joined Shri Hari Yoga class, its very nice, mostly very comfortable, i feel powerful energy with him. He is a nice and as a strict in same time for yoga class...Read More

Anuja Gurung, Dharamshala, India